Back to School Hacks for Parents of Teens

Set your teen up for school success without the stress.

Back to school challenge

Life is too short to stress about school. 

But we can't help it. As the school season quickly approaches, we're scrambling to figure out how to set our teens up for success: academically, socially, mentally...
Yet, every time we think we have it figured out, it all changes.

Although we can't control COVID, we CAN regain control over the chaos it's causing in our families. 

For a limited time, join parenting coach, Dr. Cam, and a team of experts to set your teen up for success (and reduce your stress) by teaching you some powerful back to school hacks.

"The secret to motivating your teen without yelling, fighting, and losing your mind"

A 5-Session Quick Course for Parents of Teens

Identify your family’s biggest school-related stressors and brainstorm solutions to stack the odds in your teen’s favor.   
BONUS: Learn the secret to not just surviving but THRIVING while learning from home.

Define goals and rewards that motivate your teen to learn and contribute without nagging and pushing. 
BONUS: Get ninja tips from an organizing guru to set up a workspace that enhances focus and learning.

Establish a daily rhythm and healthy habits that promote productivity and reduce anxiety and overwhelm
BONUS: Download a template to create an easy-to-follow schedule your whole family can stick to.

Determine the right amount of screen time that is agreeable to both you AND your teen. 
BONUS: Learn techniques from a physical therapist to decrease screen fatigue, brain drain, and eye strain.

Reboot your family dynamic so you spend less time fighting and more time enjoying one another.  

Meet your experts...

Cameron (Dr. Cam) Caswell, PhD

Developmental Psychologist, Family Coach
Host of Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam podcast
Dr. Cam will provide strategies to motivate your teens without nagging, yelling, and headaches. She'll also provide tips for setting your teen up for success--both in school and at home.

Gabrielle Czaja, PT

Alexander Technique Certified Teacher
Gabrielle will teach how to use physical therapy and mind-body awareness techniques to reduce screen fatigue, brain drain, and eye strain in teens (and their parents!) 

Carly Booze

Professional organizer
Pop Organizing
 Carly will help you set up the ideal workspace for your teen. When you live and work in a place for too long you fail to see obvious changes that, with the right system and products, can be life changing. 

Leigh Schoener

Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach 
Leigh Debra Wellness 
Leigh works with families, teens, and children to implement proactive and integrative approaches to address learning, social-emotional, behavioral and physical health challenges or simply desire better wellness.

This quick course will help you get clear on exactly what you should do RIGHT NOW before you and your teen drive each other completely BONKERS!!

What people are saying about the course...

"We are 13 minutes in and this is already enlightening! "

"Practical and actionable suggestions backed by science. Presented in a way that is clear, engaging and with optimism that you too can immediately forge an even better relationship with your child."

"The course was just what I needed to motivate and connect with my teenage boys."

"I have already started implementing some of the things I learned and it's amazing how when you change how you communicate just a bit how much more receptive your teens are to your suggestions."

"Really eye opening and couldn't stop talking about it with my husband. "

"U helped a lot already. Was frustrated to see a 12yr boy being lazy. U solved the mystery."

"I love saying I have class and my family cleans up dinner. The tools and tips have been great!"


Learn what you should do NOW to SET YOUR TEEN UP FOR SUCCESS!

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